Claudio Femia is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started playing guitar in 1993 without any formal musical education and has not stopped since. He was always self-taught.

Since childhood he has listened to all kinds of music and besides loving specific musical genres, he likes and feels comfortable with several of them, which makes him very flexible and versatile when composing.

He began publishing his works in 2014. He is constantly evolving and his compositions from 2014 to the present day are proof of it.

Actually he’s participating in musical projects like Axis in Absentia and Cieloabierto. He’s also composing tracks in genres like: cinematic, singer/songwriter and new age.



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This video was created for "Nostromo", the first instrumental track of Axis in Absentia from the EP "Fluvial". It is the result of months of work in search of the right images that could reflect the conceptual idea that was intended to show. Axis in Absentia doesn't own any of the images contained in this video and the credits can be found here

Live presentation of the upcoming EP of Axis in Absentia at the Estación Provincial of La Plata on September 21st 2017


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